Makkalai Petra Magarasi



A village in Coimbatore district. Sengodan is a naïve good-hearted farmer, who knows no other God other than his mother Angamma. Staying back in the hamlet and tilling his land, he sends his beloved sister Thangam to the college in the town. Angamma’s brother is an avaricious landowner in the same village. The two families are not in speaking terms ever since Angamma’s husband ran away unable to meet the unreasonable demands of his brother-in-law after having borrowed some money from him. Kannan, the villain’s son, however does not inherit his father’s wily characteristics. Studying in the same college, Kannan and Thangam fall in love with each other. The storm which breaks out when the warring families become aware of their love and the how the lovers unite finally fill rest of the reels. In the midst of these chaotic proceedings there is also another love story between the brave and mischievous belle Rangamma and the shy Sengodan.

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