Sakthivel Gounder (Sarath Kumar) is one of the most respected, most educated and among the wealthiest men in his district. He is respected by one and all, however his only black mark is his son -Chinnarasu (Sarath Kumar) who is considered a dunce owing to his poor academic history. Chinnarasu once loved and adored - Gowri(Priya Raman) who was his wife to be - until she attempted suicide to prevent this union (as Chinnarasu was a dunce). To prevent any misunderstandings- Chinnarasu declared that he was not interested in Gowri and earned his father's wrath.

When Nandini (Devayani) arrives for her brother's wedding to Chinnarasu's sister- she is moved by Chinnarasu's deep love and falls in love with him. Nandini and Chinnarasu marry and enrage both sets of their parents- however with Hard work Chinnarasu gradually becomes one of the biggest businessmen in town and among its wealthiest citizens- making Sakthivel proud of him.

When the enemity of Ceheemban (Anand Raj) threatens to create a rift, father and son solve it and the family is happily united.

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