Vallavan (Silambarasan) is a happy-go-lucky college student with a set of friends. Bala (Santhanam) & Suji (Sandhya) are two of Vallavan's friends. When they're at the temple, he sees Swapna (Nayantara). He immediately falls in love with her.. While Vallavan’s at the college, Swapna shows up. She's revealed to be a teacher, who’s three years older than Vallavan. He decides to woo her by turning into Pallavan, an ugly duckling with buck teeth and glasses. Pallavan makes Swapna fall in love with him for his heart, even though he is ugly. The pair end up having sex. Vallavan is unable to focus on anything because he is having sex with Swapna. But when Swapna comes to know that Pallavan is younger than her (from one of Vallavan's enemies in school) and that too a student, she dumps him and decides to marry another guy. Meanwhile a sequence of events take place, much to the chagrin of Vallavan who is highly insulted by them. As Vallavan walks in the streets wondering how things could get so messy, he recalls his school life.

When he was in higher secondary school, Vallavan met Geetha (Reema Sen). A hysteric Geetha ensures that Vallavan is crazy for her. Coming to know of her true nature, he ends the affair with her. But she is not ready to let him go so easily, so he resolves to teach her a lesson. Geetha returns for payback. She tells him that she was the spoilsport for the current mess in his life. In a climax displaying her disorder, she kidnaps Suchitra and Vallavan arrives and frees her. The film fast-forwards to 3 years later. Geetha is released from a mental asylum. The moment she steps out, she exhibits her fiery psychotic expression. Vallavan is waiting for her and they communicate telepathetically while Vallavan says that he will destroy her.

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