Thirumurthy and Gurumurthy are two brothers in Thoothukudi, with Thirumurthy being the elder. He is however sensitive to violence and his younger brother is brave and rogue. Whenever Thirumurthy is beaten by anyone, he has Gurumurthy to finish them. However, Gurumurthy gets frequently punished by his policeman father (Nagendra Babu) for beating up the local people, while Thirumurthy only feels for him.

After the death of their father, the now grown-up Thirumurthy (R. Madhavan) takes on the same job by request of Gurumurthy (Arya), who remains a jobless rogue. Meanwhile, Thirumurthy falls for Vasanthi (Sameera Reddy) and Gurumurthy falls for her younger sister Jayanthi (Amala Paul). Subsequently, Thirumurthy marries Vasanthi and both the brothers shift to Vasanthi and Jayanthi's house. A number of humorous incidents follow, such as Jayanthi's to-be husband is actually revealed to be a clumsy NRI, who she disapproves of. She openly expresses her love for Gurumurthy, and hence he subsequently marries her. The NRI, heartbroken takes leave.

Thirumurthy rises to fame in his job by having his younger brother secretly punish suspects and save victims for him. This angers one of the village's biggest mob bosses Annachi (Ashutosh Rana) who begins to seek revenge on Thirumurthy. He has his men to severely beat up Thirumurthy, making the latter confident that his brother will continue his job. Gurumurthy, now enraged, claims that he made his elder brother a policeman not for fake, but to overcome the fears he had and to become stronger. Thus, he begins training up his elder brother, who subsequently loses his fear and manages to defeat a few of Annachi's men. Eventually, Annachi and his men break into the brother's house and cause havoc. Thirumurthy and Gurumurthy arrive and defeat all of Annachi's men, however they seem to be no match for Annachi.

Finally after Annachi falls for a trap set by the brothers, he is defeated but the two brothers quarrel whether to kill him or arrest him. Thus, Gurumurthy declares that they will role a gun and when the gun stops rolling at the brothers, they will arrest Annachi. Bu if it stops at Annachi, he will be killed. The gun stops rolling at Annachi and Thirumurthy shoots him dead. As the credits roll, scenes show that Thirumurthy is again congratulated by the local police, but gives equal credit to his brother as well. Through this praise, Gurumurthy also gets to join the police force.

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