Kumari Kottam



Muthaiya (Muthaiya) and Sômu (V. K. Ramasamy) intends to unite later them children Gôpal (MGR) and Kumari (Jayalalitha).

Sômu becomes suddenly rich continuation in an inheritance and leaves with her girl settle down in the big city.

Some years later...

Muthaiya horsemanship towards the big city to remind to its good memory Sômu, of their mutual commitment.

But Muthaiya is publicly offended by Sômu and Kumari, intoxicated by the wealth.

Too old to take revenge, by himself, he decides to commit suicide so much the shame suffocates him.

Gôpal saves at the last minute his poor father and swears to him to wash his honor by imposing a severe punishment on Kumari and his father, Sômu.

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