The film starts with an introduction to the main characters: Bomman (Vikram Prabhu), the protagonist, his pet elephant Manickam, his uncle Kothali (Thambi Ramaiah), and a sidekick (Ashvin Raja).Bomman spends most of his time with his pet and earns his livelihood by hiring out his elephant for festivals in temples and wedding celebrations.

Meanwhile, in a village dominated by old principles, an rogue elephant (Komban) ravages crops and ambushes its people. Frustrated by this and without any help from the forest officers, their leader decides to bring a kumki elephant to tame Komban. Bomman and his crew reach the village as placeholders to stay for a couple of days until the real mahout and kumki elephant arrive (the villagers don't know this).

But life begins to change for Bomman when he falls in love with Alli (Lakshmi Menon), the daughter of the village leader. She is at first reluctant keeping in mind the village’s principles but she soon starts to fall for Bomman. Life goes on smoothly, until Komban starts attacking the village.

Komban kills Kothali and the sidekick, and injures Bomman. In the ensuing fight between Manickam and Komban,Manickam kills Komban but suffers serious injuries and dies. Bomman then cries out loud, regretting that his love had led to the death of his crew and Manickam. The film, then ends abruptly, leaving the fate of Bomman to the viewer's imagination.

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