Vishwanathan (S. P. Balasubrahmanyam) is a multi-millionaire industrialist, who lives in a palatial house, with his only child, a son named Vijay (Vijay). Vijay has been born with a silver spoon and indulges in life's temptations and weaknesses to the extreme. Vishwanath would like his son to get married and be responsible. Vijay agrees to get married on condition a kind of a test drive! His condition is that his future bride should sign an agreement that the marriage is on a trial basis for one year and, thereafter, if Vijay does not fall in love with her, the marriage gets annulled.

Vishwanathan asks his personal assistant, Priya (Simran), to quit her job and marry Vijay, but Priya refuses initially. Priya comes from a poor family, consisting of her mom, two sisters, and one brother. Priya reconsiders this offer and asks for financial support for her mom and siblings, to which Vishwanath agrees happily. Vijay and Priya are married. After the marriage, Vijay and Priya do become friends, and Priya goes out of her way to look after Vijay when he meets with an accident. At the end of the year, however, Vijay decides to annul the marriage, as had been agreed upon. Priya leaves Vijay and returns home heavy heartedly. Complications arise when Priya gets pregnant, and her family and people in the community start to question her living with her mom and who the biological father is. Vijay seems to be enjoying himself but slowly and eventually he starts to feel a longing for Priya and her staunch devotion to him.

Priya gets a job in a new company; to her surprise, on the day when the company's managing director arrives and everyone greets him, she's bewildered to see that it's Vijay. He later confesses to her that he's a changed person and wants her back. But, even after constant persuasion, she disagrees. Later, Priya and her family hold a ceremony on the occasion of her to-be-born child. As the guests start to come in and give her presents, Vishwanath and Vijay arrive and with presents. Priya gets up in front of everyone reveals Vijay to be her husband and tells them about the contract. Soon after an altercation follows and Vijay and his father walk out followed by all the guests.

A few days later, Priya gets to know that her uncle (Kazan Khan) and Vijay's uncle Thalaivasal Vijay, who had attempted to cheat Vijay, have escaped from prison and are looking out for Vijay who had fired them from his father's company for cheating and fraud. Priya gets anxious and tries to reach Vijay's home as soon as possible. On the way she learns that the whole thing was a setup meant to lure her to come back to Vijay. Enraged, she goes to confront Vijay. While at the other end, the villains has really escaped from the prison and are stabbing Vijay to death. Without knowing all this, when she reaches Vijay's home, she accuses him of this shameless act. Vijay, who is now in extreme pain, takes out the wine bottle piece stabbed in his stomach by the two rogues. Priya who is shocked, runs toward him, slips and goes into labour. Vijay, with all his strength, gets up and drives Priya to the hospital and there she delivers the baby.

Vijay is still in his unconscious state, but by the touch of his new-born baby, he recovers from his unconsciousness. Then the mother of Priya and Vishwanathan argue and starts claiming for the child for which Vijay teasing says that they can make another 'Agreement' for the same! With this, the story comes to an end and the couple live happily ever after with their son.

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