Vijay (Vijay) is the grandson of Manorama while Anitha (Sanghavi) is the daughter of Raghavan(Vijayakumar) and Bhagyalakshmi (Sri Vidya). Anitha's family rent one of Manorama's houses. Vijay and Anitha pretend to hate each other while they actually are in love. But later Anitha's father came to know the love matter and he requests transfer to Chennai.Before going Anitha leaves her new address on several envelopes and she tells those are love letters given by Vijay, Anitha's father gets angry and takes the letters and went to Vijay's house and tells him to take his useless love letters.After that Vijay takes it and as he looks at it he knows that those aren't love letters, they're all Anitha's new address in Chennai.

Vijay tries to find her. One day Vijay goes to a restaurant to eat and he asked the server where is the washroom.The server told him that there is two washrooms, one on the upstairs and another one is here.The server tells him to not go upstairs because it's dangerous.But, Vijay goes upstairs to the bathroom,where he finds the "Blue Film" illegal shooting happening.

By this, they blame Vijay for the death of the restaurant owner (who tripped) and Vijay just has to escape. This news reaches Anitha's father who is a police officer. He tries to capture Vijay. The hero fights, runs some more until Raghavan finds out the truth and accepts the marriage between Vijay and Anitha.

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