The movie begins with Jeeva (Sketch) narrating his story. His uncle used to tow and bring back vehicles for which the monthly EMI hadn't been paid. However, during a fight, he loses his hand and Sketch gets the job. Sketch does his day to day job perfectly. His uncle's right hand Ravi wanted to takeover the business. However, Bhaskar Settu (Boss) agrees with Sketch coming up to the position. One day at a college, Sketch tows a Scooter that belonged to Manju, Ammu's friend.

Another day, he happens to meet her on a bus. When some other guy tries to touch her, Sketch bats away his hand. At the same time, the bus stops quickly, causing Sketch to bump into Ammu. She then mistakes this as him trying to make advances on her and yells at him. Only later does she realize he was trying to protect her. Boom, she falls in love with him. This begins the plot of his love story. One day, Sketch loses a bike while bringing it back to the garage. The owner gets angry and demands 2 lakhs from Settu. Sketch realizes this was a petty plot by Ravi to embarrass him. He faces them to get back the stolen bike and the money. This earns him back Settu's trust so they celebrate with alcohol and in the end, Settu talks about a time when his dad was insulted by Kumar, a local goon. Settu asks Sketch to sketch a plan to steal Kumar's car, his most prized possession. Sketch steals Kumar's car and ends up in a goose chase with police that ends with Sketch creating a rivalry with Kumar.

Kumar brings a gang from other state to finish off sketch and his team. One by one, Sketch's friends die and Sketch is confused who is the killer. At last, it is revealed in a twist that small boys who were working along with Sketch in Settu's garage were the real killers. They killed them to take the position of Sketch. Sketch forgives them and protects the 4 boys from police by asking them to run away. The film ends with indicating Sketch is alive and with a moral "avoid child labour."

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