The film begins in Mumbai, where the cops plan the encounter of a terrorist 'Malik' ( Nawab Shah), who is a notorious criminal.The Cops succeed in trapping him and the Commissioner Anwer kills Malik. Then comes Chandru (Jiiva), a happy go lucky jobless youth who lives in his Grandma's expense. Chandru meets Sreela (Thulasi Nair) on the day of encounter and helps her elope the spot, saving her life. Chandru falls for Sreela at first sight and starts to follow her. Though initially she refuses him, they both fall in love soon. As usual, Sreela's father (Nasser} Opposes their marriage, as Chandru is jobless and doesn't have an income.Hence Chandru decides to find a job with full fledge. He finally gets a job offer in 'Basilistan', a strict Islamic nation. Chandru travels to Basilistan with the help of a travel agent 'Haridas'. He also introduces Aslam, an autistic teen boy to Chandru, who is also travelling to Basilistan for a work and asks Chandru to take care of him till they reach Basilistan, Morocco.

A shock awaits Chandru and Aslam, as they are arrested in Basilistan airport for carrying drugs.In the court, he sees a guy named Rahim, a wealthy enterprenuer from Basilistan, who resembles the terrorist Malik. Chandru is interrogated by the officials, and he claims he is innocent, but he is sent to prison, with a note that drug trafficking is a punishable offence in Basilistan and he will be Killed by the officials. Chandru understands that it was a trap set up by Haridas. Chandru meets Chinna, an inmate at the jail, who is a Tamil guy. Chinna is arrested for a small crime and he is about to be released soon. Chinna tells Chandru that if someone from India can help him find a lawyer at Basilistan, he will get a bail and he will be released. Chandru sends a note for Sreela through Chinna and Sreela decides to help chandru. With the help of Commissioner Anwar, Sreela travels to Basilistan to rescue Chandru. She finds a Friendly taxi driver on arrival and he too is a Tamil guy. He drives her to the jail, on the way they witness the execution of the criminals. She is shocked to see Chandru among the group and is deeply hurt. Luckily for Chandru, he remains unexecutioned, as the sword had broken while executing the Guy before Chandru. He is taken back to jail. Chandru escapes the jail after beating the guard and Meets Sreela. They both escape the place with the help of the taxi driver. Meantime it is revealed that Rahim is none other than Malik himself, who faked the encounter with a dummy. Fearing his identity will be revealed by Chandru, he follows Chandru and Sreela to kill them. They cross the Basilistan border with a camel and Malik gets killed . Finally Chandru and Sreela escape from Basilistan.

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