Deiva Magan



The film has Sivaji Ganesan portarying three roles; an insecure father, a timid son and an angst-ridden twin brother.[8] Sivaji Ganesan, a lawyer with a scarred face gets married to Pandari Bai. The couple lead a happy life and Pandari Bai gives birth to twin brothers, a son with a scarred face (Also Ganesan) like his father and a brother (Also Ganesan). Their father unable to tolerate his eldest son's face leaves him under the custody of another person and tells his wife that the first child is dead. As years pass by, the father becomes a justice and his younger son, a happy-go-lucky college-going timid son falls in love with Jayalalithaa.

In the meanwhile, the elder son comes to know about his family and tries to meet his mother and brother but he is asked by his father not to reveal his identity to them. M. N. Nambiar, a man once punished by the father kidnaps the younger son in order to take revenge on him. In the end, the elder son rescues his brother, killing M. N. Nambiar. He succumbs to his injuries and dies on the lap of his mother (Pandari Bai). This film was the first Tamil film recommended for an Oscar.

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