The story begins with Arjun (Sathyaraj) being arrested for multiple crimes. In the past, Arjun was a happy-go-lucky young man. His brother (Delhi Ganesh), a factory's union leader, clashed with his superiors (M. N. Nambiar, Malaysia Vasudevan and Chitra Lakshmanan) for bonus. In the meantime, Arjun fell in love with Radha (Radha). To help the labourer, Arjun cheated the factory's owners as a fake income tax officer, he managed to take all their black money and he gave it to the labourers. Later, Arjun's brother, sister-in-law and his niece were killed. In anger, he tried to kill the culprit and failed. Siva Prasad (Captain Raju), Radha's brother, advised him to surrender but, as an innocent, he refused. However, Siva Prasad arrested him in surprise. Arjun was tortured and his head was shaved. Therefore, a bald Arjun comes to the court. Despite everything was against Arjun, the judge Ram Prakash (Sivaji Ganesan) feels that he is innocent. So Ram Prakash sentences that Arjun will be under house arrest in his isolated island. Along with Ram Prakash how Arjun kills the culprits forms the rest of the story.

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