Santhosh Subramaniam



The film begins with a baby taking his initial steps on a beach while the father is supporting him. The narrator in the background (Sathyaraj) states that, it is right for a father to support his child in his infancy, but questions whether the father should continue to hold the child’s hand even after he is 24 years old. As the credits roll, a visibly angry Santhosh (Jayam Ravi) begins uttering abuses at all the fathers in the world. When inquired about his disgust, he says that his father, Subramaniam (Prakash Raj), gives him more than what he asks for. He cites instances where his choices of dressing, hairdo and many others are stashed away by his father’s. However, he vows that the two things that will be of his choice would be, his career and the woman he would marry .

Post-credits, Muthu (Sathyan) the Subramaniam dutiful household’s servant wakes up Santhosh in the morning. In the background, we see Santhosh’s mother, Lakshmi (Geetha) singing a devotional song while cooking. At the dining table, Subramanium, Managing Director of their construction company, inquires if Santhosh will join their office for managing their business. When Santhosh deliberates, his father doesn’t stand any longer and instead plans for his marriage despite Santhosh's silent protest. The next week, he returns home to realize that he is going to get engaged to Rajeswari (Kirat Bhattal) against his wishes. He speaks with her only to realize that she is a daddy’s girl (Vijayakumar being the father) and she not being to his liking. However, with Subramaniam’s final say, they eventually get engaged.

While contemplating on his options in a temple, Santhosh accidentally meets Hasini (Genelia D'Souza), an engineering student. Seeing her chirpy nature and vibrance, Santhosh begins to like her. He makes attempts to know her by meeting her on a regular basis. In the process, he starts liking her cherubic and ever-friendly nature and as someone who does what she loves. As days go by, he realizes about so many small things in her company that gave him happiness. He realizes that he has fallen in love with her.

Alongside this, Santhosh applies for a bank loan to start out on his dream of building his career. When his love for Hasini deepens, he wishes to propose to her. He confesses to her that he is engaged to get married to Rajeswari against his wishes, but what he really wants is her. On knowing of him being engaged, Hasini gets dejected, but comes back a day later and asks him to do what he wishes for and accepts his proposal. At this juncture, the ecstatic Santhosh is seen by a furious Subramanium. Santhosh is admonished back home and he expresses his disinterest in marriage with Rajeswari. When asked for his reason to like Hasini, Santhosh replies saying that if Hasini can stay with their family for a week, then all their questions shall be answered. He convinces Hasini to stay at his house after seeking permission from her father (Sayaji Shinde).

When Hasini is introduced to Santhosh’s family, she gets a lukewarm welcome. As she settles down in the house, one after the other begins to like her. Even though getting used to the living habits of the authoritarian Subramaniam's household was difficult, Hasini stayed put for Santhosh's sake. In the meanwhile, Subramaniam reprimands Santhosh when he knows of his bank loan and his plans, only to further enrage Santhosh. One day the entire family along with Hasini attends a marriage ceremony.

A cheerful Hasini cheers up the ceremony with her playful nature. Coincidentally, Sayaji who happens to be around, recognizes Santhosh as the drunken young man whom he encountered on an earlier occasion. Hasini realizes her father's presence and quickly exits to avoid his attention. After saving their grace, Santhosh admonishes Hasini for her antics at the marriage. A sad and angry Hasini moves out of the house saying that she does not find Santhosh the same and that she cannot put on an act if she stays in their house.

After getting back to her house, she rebuilds the trust her father has in her while Santhosh is left forlorn. Lakshmi confronts Subramaniam on Santhosh’s choices and wants. In the process, Santhosh opens up his heart and leaving Subramaniam to repent on his foolishness. Santhosh requests Rajeswari and her parents to call off the impending marriage. While they relent, Subramaniam manages to convince Sayaji about Santhosh and Hasini's marriage. In return, Sayaji wants to know more about Santhosh by having him live in house for a week. Subramaniam agrees with this and as the story returns to the pre-credits scene, the viewers are left to assume about the happy marriage of the protagonists.

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